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Resource Efficiency



Compressor waste heat recovery project is an energy efficiency project that aims to recover the waste heat generated during operation of compressors used in industrial or commercial facilities. In this project, the heat in the hot air and hot oil generated during the operation of the compressors is captured by appropriate systems and used for the purpose of heating the water required for the operation. In this way, the waste heat is reused, the amount of fuel used in the boilers to heat the water is reduced, and less CO2 is released from the boiler chimney to the environment.

Compressors are machines that operate at a maximum efficiency of 10%. The remaining 90% is given out as waste heat energy or into compressed air. With this project, 74% of the waste heat is recovered. The project was started in 2022 and it was determined that success was achieved in the pilot trials. It is aimed to complete the dissemination in all locations in 2023.


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PS** "Our application to enhance the efficiency of our compressors, as part of our energy saving and efficiency efforts key to sustainability, was accepted by the 'Efficiency Increase Projects' support program provided by the Ministry of Energy. Through this project, we've achieved a 20% energy savings from our compressors in our Aksaray factory. The project is targeted to be completed by 2023, aiming to reach the proposed energy saving rates."

During the operation of the steam boilers, the smoke gases formed as a result of the fuel combustion process are given to the atmosphere through the exhaust chimney of the boiler. These flue gases can have a high temperature and much of the heat they contain is wasted. This is where the economizer comes into play. The economizer absorbs the high temperature heat from these flue gases and uses it to heat the boiler feed water. This heat recovery process increases the efficiency of the steam boiler and saves energy.

Economizers are important components that increase the efficiency of steam boilers, saving energy and reducing their environmental impact. They have a wide range of applications from industrial plants to energy production, from heating systems to process steam production. The use of economizers in line with the efficiency and energy saving targets related to steam boilers is the key to sustainable energy sources and greener businesses.







Lightweight Construction Material


Waste Water


Waste Water



Within the scope of our environmental sustainability activities, in order to examine the usability of pumice stone waste sludge, which is used for bleaching denim in the textile industry, as a light building material in the construction industry, the waste sludge from the facility was first dried for dewatering. 

As a result of the strength tests performed on blocks with pumice mixture poured out of certain molds, it has been confirmed by accredited laboratory tests that they are suitable for use as lightweight construction materials. In the coming years, we will continue to work on the development and dissemination of the relevant project.

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