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HR PolIcy

Selection and Recruitment Policy

As Eroğlu Giyim, we are proud to see innovative, result-oriented and open to development individuals who aim to make a difference in the textile industry. We expand our dynamic staff by taking the skills and abilities of the candidates through inventory studies and applications we receive both through career portals and references.

Salary and Benefits Policy

In line with our principles of "justice and equality," we determine a fair wage scale for each position. Through job evaluations, we ensure that our employees receive the value they deserve. We also provide social rights and assistance tailored to our employees' needs.

Learning and Development Policy

The greatest wealth of Eroğlu Clothing is its talented employees. By supporting their professional and personal development, we aim to increase both individual and corporate success. With special development programs for managers and potential managers, we train them to become leaders in the industry.

Career Planning Policy

Every individual's potential is an opportunity for them to rise in their career with us. At Eroğlu Clothing, we support our employees in career planning according to their own goals.

Employee Motivation Policy

A happy employee means successful work. For this reason, we support social and cultural activities that will increase the motivation of our employees, aiming to create a stronger Eroğlu Clothing family together.

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