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Message From Ümmet Eroğlu

Ümmet Eroğlu

Since establishing our small workshop in Kadırga in 1983, we have secured our place effectively on the global stage. In Aksaray and Ismailia, Egypt, with approximately 5,000 valued employees, we produce millions of denim products annually, with a focus on sustainability and innovation.


We carry out this production with an eco-friendly approach at the heart of Anatolia and in Egypt. Our headquarters in Istanbul meticulously directs all processes and ensures adaptation to digitization and technological innovations.


We have increased our total annual production capacity to 20 million pieces. As we aim for a presence on the global stage, our people-centered principles enhance our recognition worldwide.

Our profound knowledge in the denim sector, our approach to sustainable quality, and our openness to the latest technologies enable us to expand our operations. We never forget our responsibility to nature in our production processes, establish sustainable infrastructures, and act in harmony with nature. These principles not only guarantee our successes today but also ensure our long-term achievement.


We support the development of our employees and maximize their potential. By creating a motivated working environment, we continuously encourage them to achieve their best. The key factor in reaching our goals is our many years of collective work. Each of our contributions is the key to this great success.

Eroğlu Giyim


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