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Corporate Culture

Eroglu Giyim possesses a profound vision: to honor the legacy inherited from previous generations while innovatively conveying it to the leaders of tomorrow. This legacy represents not only our commitment to today's fashion industry but also our pledge to remain at the forefront in the future.

‘‘Jeaneration Next’’

This signature phrase epitomizes Eroglu Giyim's dynamic outlook and our ability to adapt seamlessly to an ever-evolving world. We don't merely follow current trends; we embrace and often lead the innovations and transformations within the sector.

With the philosophy of ‘‘Jeaneration Next’’, combined with our passion for innovation and change, we aim not only to inspire future generations but to unearth their potential. In the textile realm, our objective goes beyond making a mark - we aspire to leave a lasting impact.




We embrace clarity in all our processes and decisions, aiming to build trust. We commit to transparency through accurate and clear information sharing.




Being Fair

The information of our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners is valuable for us. We pay the highest level of attention in order to protect them.

We see an opportunity in every difficulty. Every difficulty that we overcome makes us stronger.

We are fair and respectful to our employees, customers, suppliers, environment, the laws and all living creatures.



We are constantly open to innovations and fresh ideas with our flexible thinking approach and quick adaptability.

Sustainability is central to us. We prioritize our employees' well-being, respect nature, and strive for financial stability and quality. These values guide us towards a brighter, sustainable future.



Female Employee Ratio

8 Years

Average Employment Duration


Average Age

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