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Who We Are?

Jeaneration Next® with Innovation and Craftsmanship

In the latter half of the 1970s, the Eroğlu brothers, who migrated from Aksaray to Istanbul, began their journey in the textile industry by working in a workshop producing on a contractual basis.

The foundations of Eroğlu Clothing, which owns worldwide brands like Colin's and Loft, were laid when the Eroğlu brothers, who left their native lands to come to Istanbul, opened a workshop in Kadırga in 1983. Eroğlu Konfeksiyon took its first step towards branding in 1986 and began producing trousers, shirts, and jackets under the Kulis brand. Continuing its rapid development, Eroğlu Konfeksiyon quickly grew; it consolidated all its workshops under the umbrella of Eroğlu Giyim Sanayi Ltd. in 1994, while the Kulis brand gave way to the Colin’s brand. After the acquisition of the Loft brand, a factory with a covered area of 35,000 square meters was completed in Avcılar.

Today, with strong production expertise in the denim clothing sector, Eroğlu Giyim continues its journey with great strides, embracing a sustainable quality mindset, and a mission to utilize the latest technological capabilities.

Eroğlu Giyim produces denim and non-denim garments for many global brands, operating from factories located in Istanbul Central, Aksaray, and Egypt.



Our 40 years of experience form the foundation of our strength and assist us in grasping the constantly changing dynamics of the world through the lens of modern technology. Providing solutions in line with the evolving needs of our clients is our fundamental principle. Beyond our international brands, Colin’s and Loft, we stand out as a preferred option for world-famous brands.



Producing jeans that are respectful to nature and humans.


To create a demand for products under the

'' Made by Eroğlu '' label...

Our Journey

Our Journey

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