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An integral part of Eroğlu Giyim, Jeaneration Lab® plays a significant role in redefining ready-to-wear fashion. We offer our customers unique designs that pave the way for new fashion stories.


Our 'Jeaneration Next® mission reflects our ongoing goals for growth and leadership in the future of the fashion industry. Denim is defined not just as a fabric, but as a product that lives in every texture, changes over time, and carries many stories within.


Under the creative guidance of Jeaneration Lab®, this timeless denim journey is further enriched. To our globally recognized customers, we provide fast, flexible, and customer-focused sustainable designs, thanks to our talented design team and state-of-the-art equipment.


The story of denim starts from the transformation of cotton into thread and culminates in a complex design process, eventually becoming a product that holds a significant place in everyone's daily use.




Water-Off Enzyme Project

Bubble Flow Systems

Ozone Technology

New Generation Washing Machine

Laser Technology

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