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Recycling and Waste Management

For us, sustainability is not merely a target, but a lifestyle we embody every day.

Recycling and Waste Management stand as cornerstones of our company's mission to forge a sustainable future. In our production processes, our commitment to nature and the environment always takes precedence. Waste generated in our facilities is meticulously categorized and collected based on its type. This waste is directed not only to licensed recycling centers but also to processing facilities depending on its potential for reusability.

To maximize our contribution to the environment, we are exploring ways to recover the heat from our flue gases. In this regard, we're implementing innovative projects like the Heat Recovery and Economizer Project.


Through Bubble Flow technology, we aim to enhance the efficiency of our liquid processes, thereby promoting the use of minimal fluids.In our energy procurement, we collaborate with companies that prefer sustainable energy sources like RES and HES.

Recognizing that energy shouldn't just be consumed but also produced, we're steadfast in our goal to produce our own energy, thereby increasing our energy independence.

By meticulously monitoring our daily energy consumption, we take steps toward efficient and responsible energy use.


With our zero-waste goal, we continuously explore innovative methods to minimize waste generation and utilize natural resources most effectively.

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