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Quality Policy

Taking the perception of quality beyond customer expectations is our most fundamental principle.

In our company, which has been operating in the textile industry for many years, our primary goal and duty is to offer flawless products and services in a timely manner that ensures the unconditional satisfaction and trust of our customers, while respecting nature, the environment, and the community.

To achieve this aim, our fundamental principle is to implement the "Total Quality Management" philosophy among all our employees, suppliers, and customers by constantly improving our quality and technology in line with the concept of "Continuous Improvement". In line with these goals and with the sense of responsibility given by "customer focus," we are committed to creating the necessary environments for the establishment of quality awareness and continuously improving the education and learning of our employees.

Fostering a sense of quality awareness among all employees.

Continuously improving the quality understanding of suppliers.

Adopting an approach where quality is built from the first operation to the

last, across all company departments.

In line with Eroğlu Clothing's vision, using up-to-date technologies and

machines to meet customer expectations.

Ensuring that all business processes are integrated, harmonious,

and balanced.

Protecting our reputation and brand value in the eyes of our

employees, customers, suppliers, and the public.

Becoming a quality leader in the indispensable fashion

segment of Jeans/Denim.

Quality Policy Eroglu
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